Camila Fernandes from Portland

Great Customer service and kept us updated through the whole process despite the COVID-19. Payment was made and delivery was done without any problems, Dog showed up the next day and is doing great. We recommend National Beagle Home to anyone who is interested in a Beagle. If anyone wants to know about my experience, you can have them contact me at camilafernandes2244@gmail.com``

Maddy Charles from New York``

Hi Guys, Jack is doing great! He is so adorable and now getting use to the “new land”. We are very much compatible. I’m so fortunate to have found him, thanks a lot for raising him. We went out for a ride today and kept him in my arms. I checked up on Jack last night and he was snuggled with his toy that has his “home scent”. Awww, it almost broke my heart! I have been taking him everywhere with me to get him acquainted with strangers. He is such a darling! Seriously. I took him to my sister’s house with me and he was so good there with her kids. They are in love. One of them took him to a table for a picture. You can’t tell if he is real or not! What a cutie. He is the best dog on Earth. I have started training him. He can already sit, come and stay So far so good. He is so puppy pad trained its insane! (THANK YOU FOR THAT!) He is my all. I know how hard it was for you to give him up. I want to thank you so much for that. I will keep you posted with every photos and videos of him and maybe a little play date too!!

Laura Ramos from Pennsylvania

How are you? Monique and I are home. She has been doing pretty well, very active and always ready to play. I took her to the vet before we got home, and everyone loved her, she passed the exams. When we got home, she was so excited to play with Ben they were sniffing each other, but i didn’t want her to get sick so i just put her in the bathroom…. they have been staring at each other for a while, but she just started looking around and started to play with all her toys. She ate and drank a lot of water before going to bed, she loves it here, and she sleeps like an angel. We have named her Mary after my mom. We took over 40 pictures of her already…. I have attached a few. i will keep on taking picture of her, and email them to you. Again, thank you so much for selling her to me, it must have been hard for your family, but we will take really good care of her, and she will get lots of love=)

Maggie Scott from North Carolina

I purchased a female beagle Puppy that I found on your site couple of months ago. When I searched through the site, I actually had no intention to get a puppy, I was just looking at puppy’s’ pictures and was curious about the prices - I already had 2 adult puppies I was happy with; when I saw my future girl and her siblings- I absolutely fell in love with them. I chose one and contacted the next morning; after talking with them I had a feeling I can trust them with the transaction and 2 weeks later I had my little Nicole arriving in Charlotte. She is a beautiful and charming creature, full of energy and love for her human mother; she interacts well with my other puppies and anyone who comes to the house, which tells me she came from a good household. I told myself before I don’t need more puppies until I saw Nicole and fell in love with her - and I am so happy now that I got her and very grateful to Wendy for making it happen

Nguyen Patricia from California

Hi, just writing to tell you the puppy is awesome, my boyfriend send me a few videos of the puppy and wow, he's gorgeous, healthy, playful and a happy puppy! We're so happy with the puppy, my boyfriend is fascinated with him 🙂 We already recommend you with a friend of mine who is a veterinarian in Mexico, I'm sure he'll buy a beagle from you and I hope in the near future, we'll buy from you again 🙂 And one more time, thank you so, so much for everything! Take care, Have a great day!

Mellissa Bruce from Florida

Roxy is all setlled in. I had a good experience with National Beagle Home , I was pleased to get my puppy dispute being a litte nervous from the start and I must say the puppy was well taken care of by the breeders as promised even with the present pandemic. I will be back again in the future and recommend them to anyone.

Michael from Texas

I just picked up my new puppy yesterday, Cooper; he is 9 weeks old and is having huge success with his new apartment. Last night was his first night home, he woke up, used his bathroom and went back to sleep. I was thrilled! No getting dressed to take him out to go! He woke up in the morning, I placed him in the bathroom and told him go potty, and waited a few minutes and he did! He has been using it all day, and he goes straight to it to go potty, we have the door open so he can go in and out, he is confined to the kitchen. I also have a one-year-old female of the same breed (Beagle) and it is all too familiar getting up in the middle of the night to take her out. Once the puppy is trained I will be re-training her to use the apartment as well. So happy with this purchase!